Te Tii School is now Bay of Islands International Academy

In January 2013, Te Tii School became Bay of Islands International Academy, Te Whare Matauranga o Te Tii, as part of a school transition programme.

To learn more, please visit the Academy’s web site at www.boi.ac.nz

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Hens to Attend Te Tii School


Te Tii School will be the site for a new chook house, thanks to a Northland Regional Council Environmental Curriculum Award. Council’s Education Officer, Susan Botting, visited the the school and presented an award plaque and a cheque for $400.

Students were very excited to receive the award. They are keen to build the chook house, get several hens, and begin collecting and selling the eggs.

Principal Rosina Wikaira observed that “Learning opportunities like this engage our children. Real world experiences enrich classroom learning. We will learn about business, the maths of income and expense, animal care, nutrition, food miles, charting egg production and sales, writing about our experiences, making videos, adding to our website, and heaps more. The possibilities are endless.”

“Whaea Rosina is spot-on,” added Board Chairman Donald Chandler. “This sort of active, transdisciplinary learning ties in perfectly with our plan to become an International Baccalaureate school. We’re going to put the kids in the driver’s seat with this project. Their creativity and energy will take us places that are impossible to plan. And think how empowering and esteem-building it will be for a child to bring home a dozen eggs to feed their whanau. We’re very grateful for Council’s support, and we’re proud of how politely and enthusiastically our students received Ms Botting.”

The school would appreciate donations of reliable laying hens or chook feed. Contact BayIntAc@gmail.com.

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Come and Discuss the School’s Future – 4th April 2012

The Board of Trustees will hold a very important community consultation evening at the school, from 5:30p – 7:30p on 4th April 2012. A light supper will be served. We would like to see as many parents as possible attending. We also welcome participation from the broader community. Parents will have an opportunity to learn what’s happening at school this year and see examples of their childrens’ progress. We would also like to put all of our heads together to discuss the school’s future. The board will be seeking the community’s go-ahead to try to broaden our school’s appeal to the wider community beyond Te Tii village. We need to do that in order to build our roll. Presently, the roll is too small to sustain the school and improve student opportunities. We want our school to have the resources to succeed brilliantly, not struggle.

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Can anyone help fill in almost 200 years of history?

I think we can rightly claim that our school’s whakapapa (lineage) goes straight back to the very first school in New Zealand, which opened with 33 Maori and settler students at nearby Rangihoua on 16th August 1816.  This school was recently unearthed during an archaeological dig at Rangihoua, and our students were lucky enough to visit the dig.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/northland/bay-chronicle/6504078/Dig-uncovers-mission-school


Students visit Rangihoua mission settlement dig site

We know that the school at Rangihoua closed in 1832, but immediately reopened at Te Puna, just one bay closer to Te Tii.  I would imagine there was a continuous line of schools on Purerua Peninsula, all the way from then until today.  If anyone can help fill in any details or provide any references, we would be happy to learn more about our history.


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Hello, Te Tii School Community


We teach our students to report using the “5 Ws and an H.”  And that’s just what you’ll find here on our brand new Te Tii School web site.  Starting in 2012, come here regularly to find out all the latest about our school, our learning, upcoming events, photos and videos, policies and procedures, etc.

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