Can anyone help fill in almost 200 years of history?

I think we can rightly claim that our school’s whakapapa (lineage) goes straight back to the very first school in New Zealand, which opened with 33 Maori and settler students at nearby Rangihoua on 16th August 1816.  This school was recently unearthed during an archaeological dig at Rangihoua, and our students were lucky enough to visit the dig.


Students visit Rangihoua mission settlement dig site

We know that the school at Rangihoua closed in 1832, but immediately reopened at Te Puna, just one bay closer to Te Tii.  I would imagine there was a continuous line of schools on Purerua Peninsula, all the way from then until today.  If anyone can help fill in any details or provide any references, we would be happy to learn more about our history.


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