About Us


Te Tii School is a “mainstream” school, welcoming children of all backgrounds and cultures.  We serve Year 1 through Year 8 students from the Purerua Peninsula.  Students from nearby communities such as Kerikeri and Waipapa may use the free school bus to attend our unique school.

What Makes Us Special

At Te Tii School, we embrace our very small enrolment as a strength and an opportunity, not a weakness.  We are small enough to treat every student as an individual.  We learn each of our children’s needs, interests, and abilities, and encourage them to express their creativity and their individuality.  The children bond strongly with each other, and with their teachers, and the atmosphere is one of support, caring and understanding.  We can provide challenges even for students with the very highest abilities and motivation, and we can give extra support to those with greater needs.  Please see our Inspiration, Motto, Mission, Vision and Values to get a deeper understanding of the unique educational environment Te Tii School provides.


Our rural school has two hectares of beautiful grounds with a large level playing field, playground, swimming pool, gardens and fruit trees.  We are surrounded by cattle and sheep farming.  We have four large rooms in two separate buildings–two classrooms, a library and a resource room.  Our principal lives on site in the school house.