Rosina Wikaira

Rosina began working as Te Tii School’s principal in 2011.  In addition to teaching Monday – Thursday, Rosina handles all the many responsibilities of a school principal.

School Administrator

Dawn Howearth

Dawn is a very experienced school administrator.  She sits at our front desk handling a huge variety of administrative tasks.  Most importantly, the work she does frees our teaching staff to focus on teaching.  You can usually find her working on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Relief Teachers

Maia Edwards

Maia is a fully registered teacher.  She usually teaches on Fridays, giving Rosina a day to handle her responsibilities as Principal.  On Friday morning, Maia provides three hours of Maori language and custom instruction/immersion, allowing the school to operate (and be funded for) a Level 4 Maori Language Program.

Casey Kendall

Casey is a fully registered teacher.  She is usually in the classroom when Rosina needs to be away.




School Caretaker

Eian Pulham